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Truxxx Manufacturing


Truxxx Manufacturing LLC specializes in the manufacturing of lift and level kits for the pickup truck and SUV market. Truxxx kits correct the nose down attitude of today's popular trucks and give the appearance of having lifted the truck without the expense or hassle of a traditional lift kit. Why not get your truck to look right without spending all of your hard earned money?


All of Truxxx products are made to an exacting standard, with modern 3-D computer aided design. The kits are then manufactured with precision computer controlled laser and plasma cutting equipment and welded to a precise tolerance. We use the original computer drawings from the manufacturer as a base, and then create our kits to fit perfectly with the OEM design.

Finally, each kit is tested in several vehicles for fit and ease of installation. We work over time to make sure that your installation goes smoothly – our instructions are complete with color photos, tools required and alignment specifications. Feel free to look around the site and see what applications fit the truck you are driving now. If you don’t see your truck or SUV, then send us an email or call – you never know what might be released next for a product! 

Click here for all of our Truxxx products.

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